With the invent of the computer new mediums of art are also being created. Whether it's drawing with a styles, retouching photos, or combining photos and graphics to make an entirely new image, or even ASCI art made up entirely of characters from the keyboard - it's all art to me baby. This section is a collection of the pieces I've created. A menu bar to the left brings up the page to this area and picture below is link to the same page with a small description of the collection.



Fun with photos

Mostly two styles of images: one in which

a main image has been altered or had other

graphics added to it to create something new

or images that are that have been manipulated

with filters and other photoshop techniques.

The Biblical Series

Pretty self explanatory, these images are humorous visions on theological stories.'sDoor.jpg

Places and Nature

This collection is general places and nature that do not fall into specific collections like "Backgrounds" or "Garden Landscapes"

Red White & Blue

This is an ongoing series of images portraying a surrealistic view of the state of the Union.

Garden Landscapes


Male / Female

This page is for any R-rated male or female images.


Backgrounds I've created for various reasons.

American Gothic

A cheeky look at Americana.

Windows to The Soul

A little series reflecting on human nature. 


Top 10 Ways to Kill a Mallomar

An odd little series I did for a friend...

mixed medium

Pictures mostly consisting of Pen & Ink with color digitally added to them.



Design and Illustration

This page is some of the design work and illustrations I've done, with more appearing soon.

Abstract and Surrealistic

Digital drawings of abstract or surrealistic images

©Robert C. Morin