Digital Art

Abstract and Surreal



"Light from the Dark Place I"

"The Dark Place I"

I'm falling.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole

but this place is much much darker

and the pain in my heart

threatens to tear through my chest

or is it in my head?


If I drink from the blue bottle

will it all go away?

the darkness turn to light

a warm and fuzzy feeling

like that of Christmas night.


If I shoot up on the red vial

will it make the dark place bleed

will the walls close in upon me

and stifle my last scream


The dark place holds me tightly

with arms I cannot see

they wrap around my being

'till I abort my better instinct

The one to run and flee

instead I let the darkness in

envelope me completely making me its slave


The lonely sadness of heartache fades

replaced by that of being comfortably numb

the only thing now to do is sleep

to let what lies behind that door release

praying it is not more of just the same

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©Robert C. Morin