Digital Art

American Gothic


A cheeky look at Americana.

"American Gothic II - Winter Delight"

This is the second work in the American Gothic Series, your typical winter

snowman shown here as the sun sets behind him. It seems our snowman's carrot

nose has fallen off, tumbled down his body and now lies in a slightly awkward

area yet our snowman appears proud of his new gained accessory, evident by

the cheeky smile he wears.

"American Gothic I: Autumn Dusk"

My American Gothic series could be described as a look at real America at holidays and seasons or rather a small portrait of Americana with a macabre twist to it or my own brand of humor. The first piece "American Gothic I: Autumn Dusk" shows the typical autumn decoration for rural America: A carved out pumpkin on a porch at dusk with a candle inside and the fading sun of the day gently lighting it and it's backdrop, the dilapidated clapboard of an old farmhouse. This particular pumpkin has vomited it's seeds out and has been stabbed with a kitchen knife. [The piece started out as "Autumn Moonlight (below) but I preferred without the moonlight.] Other pieces to follow in the series will depict the same old fashioned feel of American holiday/seasonal decor.


©Robert C. Morin