Digital Art

The Backgrounds


Backgrounds I've created for various reasons.


"Snowflakes Wallpaper" (Full Sized and Tiled lower)


Three projects from one, "Leaves (wallpaper)" (full sized below and tiled below that)

& "Leaves with Streetlamp in Puddle" (third down)


Flames Background (Full Frame and Tiled)


"Raindance IV - Chakra Shower"

Another seamless tile-able image, started out as April Showers but converted the colors to make it Chakra Shower too. Below is it tiled and the original image alone.

"Raindance IV - April Showers"


This is an image I made to be tiled seamlessly. Below is the picture at 600 dpi showing about 4 tiles. Below that is the full image (non tiled)

"70s Background"

"Background 6" (Lights on and Off)



"Background 5" made up of two parts. The first part is the background for the entire page which is the red and off white stripes of the American flag. The second part is a blue background with an off white star (the colors are tinted for age) The idea was to use the blue as the background of some boxes like in the example above. This background is also different in that it isn't one big picture but smaller chunks that were made to tile and repeat.

"MySpace Background 4"

An homage to Thanksgiving. A background of turquoise with it's copper colored matrix spider webbing throughout. On the left hand side, a shotgun still smoking lays among leaves and an ear of corn that signifies the Native Americans attempt at welcoming us and helping us survive those first cold New England winters. Scattered about is ammo for the gun. To the right, a broken piece of beaded jewelry and feathers from the Native Americans, one which is streaked with blood. Another splash of blood references that which was spilled when the settlers pushed the Native Americans off their land. A stone carved arrow can be found at the top of the scene and a Lapis Lazuli carved fetish at the bottom.

"MySpace Background 3"

An Autumn backdrop; Vivid blue skies with patchy clouds for texture, sided with leaves of different shapes in an array of bright fall colors.

"MySpace Background 2"

A background for winter; early evening the sun has set and it's last faint glows drift up from the horizon. A slightly cloudy sky partially obscures the moon and the Northern star that shines brightly. On either side are pine trees laden with fresh fallen snow.

"MySpace Background 1"

Not much to describe for this one really, just blood spatters on either side of three shadowy faces in icy blue.


©Robert C. Morin