Digital Art

Fun with Photos



Mostly two styles of images: one in which

a main image has been altered or had other

graphics added to it to create something new

or images that are that have been manipulated

with filters and other photoshop techniques.



"Mr. Scruffington, The Third"




Four Roses (in Red, Blue, Violet & Yellow)

"Three Peas In A Pod"

This piece started out close up (the image below) but I decided it didn't look enough like a peapod so added the ends of the pod on.

"The Fighting Irish"


... Another idea that I should've thought out better, after all if you are making a graphic for a 

cat breeders website do you really want to show a sick cat? 

I did offer the tag line "If your cat is sick n' die'n come to us to do your buy'n."

"Sweet Pickles"

Above is an animated GIF ironically created when I retouched the 

photo of Lacee to put the best face shot on the best body shot...


The original idea for the lil' BlueRose June Photo-of-the-Month was to use an existing picture 

of Maggie sitting up,  and add it to a background of wedding supplies (The first attempt 

shown below). When we had the background set up we decided to give it a shot with Maggie 

to see if we could get something better (the result is the second photo down.) For contrast 

we exchanged Lacee for Maggie and ended up going with that (Third photo down) for on the web


This shot was considered a little to risqué for 

the website, but I thought it was cute...

This was a close up shot of our Odd-Eye Scottish Fold, Cody. 

I took the picture, used Photoshop to add the reflection in his 

eyes, and found some gift wrap on line that I wrinkled and 

tore up with Photoshop. This picture may end up our family 

Christmas card for 2005.

Maggie loves to sit up and I think she likes to have her photo taken 

too.  I used Photoshop to add the heart shaped candy box, turn the 

roses blue, and add them into the background.

The cute little guy above is my cousin's son, Ethan. The pose was just too perfect 

not to play with and add stuff to. I think he makes a perfect Cupid so I used the 

computer to draw wings, a bow n' arrow and then cut and pasted three kittens 

around him, and the pink background gives it a Victorian Valentines card look.

This will probably end up being February's Photo-of-the-Month on the 

Lil' BlueRose website.

This piece was for the January "Photo-of-the-Month" 

on the Lil' BlueRose website. I started with a photo I 

took of a 10 week old kitten, and I used the computer 

to paint in confetti and the ribbon with the year on it.

This was one of my first works. It's not very involved but I liked the different colors

and together they reminded me of a Warhol piece from the 60's. while  pasting the

above picture (the original version) in a program the image was inverted like a film

negative.  I just couldn't decide if I liked the original better, or the inverted version




©Robert C. Morin