Digital Art

The Places and Nature

This page is for images of nature and buildings or places, real or imagined.


"Fire And Ice II"

 "The Artist"

The artist fills the canvas' sky with a deep and soothing shade of blue

for he is tired of the gray and dreary one he looks outside his window 'pon

and as he changes the canvas color so does outside his window hues

go from shades of gray as dark as black and light as white from clouds a strew

and turn the same idyllic blue with the clouds swept and blown away like mornings dew

delighted by his artistic trickery he sets to work upon setting his surroundings free

by composing a field of green that shimmers and dances with the lightest touch of breeze

he changes the small cramped forth floor studio into something of a dream

dotted among the tall and slender grass are flowers in multitude of colors shapes and sizes

some as delicate as snowflakes others as hardy as the oak mingled within the grassy seas

some so small no eye could see some so tall they tower like the trees far above his head

with a stream of blue running down he frames it all with tall and lanky evergreens

they stand so tall their tops, like mountains, are capped with snow and bitter cold

behind this all stands purple mountain majesties above this pleasant plain so bold

were bumble bees as big as birds buzz and fly so high above

with round and fuzzy bottom sides that tickle when they brush against

and smelling just as sweet as the flowers they have kissed

the artist spreads his arms in triumph and with a tinge of prideful bliss

to see the glory he has forged with paint and brush and imagination

for he had built a land that rivaled that of Eden

and in the center was he, the god of his visual sensation

"The Color Purple"

"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it"

— Alice Walker

 "110 Degrees"

Mercury nearing a hundred and ten

the horizon swells and shifts and melts into the sky

flickering, shimmering in the distance

like a reflection in a rippling pond

the unrelenting heat made harsher by the stillness of the air       


The sun, she stands like a sentry from behind

casting shadows forward toward a stormy darkened sky, an awkward shade of blue

what rain that falls won't even make it to the sands she has baked dry          

vanishing in the air like a parlor trick, a heartless slight of eye


A dilapidated Volkswagen Beatle that fell pray sets beside the road

statuesque reminder to other motorists the fate that lies in waiting

the death that this forsaken land claims for its own

what the land doesn't take the road will scavenge

cacti are the only fools that dare call this place home


"Death's Door"

This piece was inspired by a song of David Bowie's "My Death" [the lyrics are below.]

"But whatever lies behind the door
there is nothing much to do
Angel or devil, I don't care
For in front of that door there is you."

- David Bowie

"Doorway To Heaven I"

"Doorway To Heaven II"


"Light from the Dark Place I"

"The Dark Place I"

I'm falling.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole

but this place is much much darker

and the pain in my heart

threatens to tear through my chest

or is it in my head?


If I drink from the blue bottle

will it all go away?

the darkness turn to light

a warm and fuzzy feeling

like that of Christmas night.


If I shoot up on the red vial

will it make the dark place bleed

will the walls close in upon me

and stifle my last scream


The dark place holds me tightly

with arms I cannot see

they wrap around my being

'till I abort my better instinct

The one to run and flee

instead I let the darkness in

envelope me completely making me its slave


The lonely sadness of heartache fades

replaced by that of being comfortably numb

the only thing now to do is sleep

to let what lies behind that door release

praying it is not more of just the same

"Where Last She Stood"

Sarah's eyes light the darkness

Sarah's Smile makes the rain clouds give way to sunny days

Sarah's laugh takes all my pain away

Sarah's hugs and Kisses keep my heart beating on and on


Playing skip-rope on the sidewalk

Playing hopscotch in the park

Flying on the swing set

she swings up high and jumps off laughing


Sarah's eyes light the darkness

Sarah's Smile makes the rain clouds give way to sunny days

Sarah's laugh takes all my pain away

Sarah's hugs and Kisses keep my heart beating on and on


A little girl so full of life and happiness

Running laughing on a summer's day

Never heard the gunshots fired

Never felt the stray bullet hit her

She just fell crumpled to the ground

A smile still on her face.


Sarah's eyes light the darkness

Sarah's smile makes the rain clouds give way to sunny days

Sarah's laugh takes all my pain away

Sarah's hugs and kisses keep my heart beating on and on


Now there’s blood to remind us

On the ground and on the wall

And the flowers, cards, and candles

Where last she stood a happy child

Though they won’t stay there forever

But Sarah’s light will shine eternal in our memories of how


Sarah's eyes lit the darkness

Sarah's smile made the rain clouds give way to sunny days

Sarah's laugh took all my pain away

Sarah's hugs and kisses will keep my heart beating on and on and on and on and on.

"Into The Green Window

"Psychedelic Dreamscape I"

Raindance III - March Of The Blue People

And when the rain came down it came down hard
but even with the driving force it was not enough
to wash the filth away from the summer's heat
It just danced with our tears and carried them away
Like a clone army of faceless soldiers
Marching down the street.


"Moonglow II"

"Moonglow I - Poplars Over Water At Night"

"Autumn Night I"

"Petals On Water I"

"Petals On Water III"

"Chakra Shower I"

"Chakra Shower II"

"Lightning Through The Tree Tops I"

"Lightning On The Mountain I"

Lightning cuts the indigo colored sky in two - in a flash of electric blue

turning night to day for an instant than back to black again

Left behind, the crackling smell of ozone and the patter of rain begins

accompanied by thunder as it rips through the stale and silent air

like a tardy warning for the bolt of lightning that has already disappeared

it rumbles, booms, and echoes throughout the moonless darkened night

Before fading into the now beating, drumming, tapping

from the torrents of the rain that falls in sheathes.


©Robert C. Morin