Digital Art

The Biblical Series


Pretty self explanatory, these images are humorous visions on theological stories or ideas.

"The Origin of the Bird"

"Until There was Rock You Only Had God"

- David Bowie

"Not So Immaculate Conception"'s_Shoe_Box.jpg

"God's Shoe Box"

          The fundamental Christian church, Our Lady of Perpetual Ignorance, stated today that they now have proof that the so called 'universe' is not an infinite space full of stars and planets. In fact they state that they now have proof that it only goes a few hundred miles and then it ends. The church claims that heathens and atheists believe that the world was created in a big bang instead of by God like the Bible (The first written account of history) clearly states as fact. "Furthermore these heathens believe that there are other suns and worlds out there, probably with life!" exclaimed Mable Peterson, the secretary to Father Baker the head priest at Our Lady of Perpetual Ignorance. The church believes that our world is one that god created and not just happenstance, and they claim to now have proof and a theory.

          According the church secretary the proof came from a senior analyst at NASA named Joe Maintenance Worker. Mr. Worker said that NASA's Voyager I space probe came to the end of the solar system and hit a wall then just fell. Mr. Worker further states that this is definitive proof that our solar system is in a box and that what we see as other worlds and stars are just a trick of the eye, probably manifested by the devil.   

          From the information and intel the church has gathered they believe this: That we are in a black box and that all the 'bright lights in the night sky' are the holes god punched in the box so we wouldn't suffocate. Some are bigger than others and that's why they look like different brightnesses (or magnitudes as the science world calls it). When asked what they believed was outside of this [box] Mrs. Peterson stated "why god of course, we are like his pets in a shoe box he keeps on a shelf and when we die we will be with him and Jesus." NASA officials could not be reached for comment.

"Immaculate Conception"

"And the Holy Spirit, God, descended from the heavens unto Mary like the angel Gabriel had foretold.

Incased in a shaft of pure light he held out his hand presenting to her the seed of life which she

was to protect in her womb for nine months. The seed that would grow to become his son and the savior of mankind."


Robert C. Morin