Digital Art

Window to the Soul


A little series reflecting on human nature.

"Window To The Soul I - The Dark Soul"

The Dark soul is a tortured soul

The brain don't know what the soul has sown in its previous carnation,

but when it's time to reap the tears will run

not only in the eyes of the inflicted

but too from the eyes of the infected.

For the monster's not just in their head

he now is in their heart

and the beast's fight to get out weakens their resolve

until it is freed

either melding with them or taking over completely

"Window To The Soul II - The Light Soul"

The Light Soul is a Free Soul

a Happy soul

a content soul

free of worries, fear, and anger

void of negative emotional baggage

it knows no hate, no greed, nor of envy

it smiles at the simple things

of bright blue skies and pretty flowers

simple times and happy hours

a child's life on summer days

an old man's dreams of love and youth

a cricket's song on an autumn night

the rain swept streets

after hot and dirty days

like the water washes away the heat

the dust and grime accumulated over time

the light soul brightens those they meet

"Window To The Soul III - The Clouded Soul"

The clouded sole is the unforeseen soul

shrouded in mystery

an unknown past, an unwrit future

what lies behind the blurry shapes

reflected upon this window pane:





The only thing for sure is death

but what year, what day, what hour

it lies it's boney hand upon ones shoulder

and whispers out a cold and silent breath

dank and sweet like earth upturned

it drifts across one's body, heart, and soul

snuffing out life's candle

along with dreams and hopes

desires never to be told

"Window To The Soul IV - The New Soul"

The New Soul is an innocent soul

it knows not how to hurt

not even what love is

it is a blank slate

a clean board yet to be writ upon

yet to be muddied, tainted, nor be jaded

it is a dangerous soul because it can be programmed

it can be trained

it can be led

if the heart is weak and the brain is slow

But it is also a free soul

for in the right hands it can learn

to love and trust

to accept and listen

even how to forgive

"Window To The Soul V - The Old Soul"

The old soul is a knowing soul

experienced from former lives

learning comes more easy

for much of it is recollection

adept in art or science

a savant in math or music

a phenom in their field

unfortunately obstacles can pass down too

walls can be pre-built

- with bricks of doubts

- and stones of fears

over the course of past lives lived

making a brilliant and tortured soul

"Window To The Soul VI - The Lost Soul"

The Lost soul is a confused soul

theirs is not clouded or hazy

they know what has been

it is where they are headed

that cannot be foreseen

for they have lost their way

their direction

their point

and until they find it

they are forced to wander

and in this state of being

they are easy for others

to control, sidetrack and trick

until they find their path

their purpose and their niche

"Widow to the Soul VII - The Broken Soul"

The Broken soul is a hurt soul

hurt in love

hurt in life

broken down

by societies stigmas

beaten down

by Hippocratic judgment

from those who damn you then do worse

they may be bittered

they may be angered

by the pain they've seen

from the frustrations they have felt

thus the broken soul

always has the danger of turning dark


Robert C. Morin