Digital Art

The Red White & Blue


This is an ongoing series of images pertaining to political surrealism about the state of the union

"Red White & Diced I"

          In this picture our flag has been accosted by cookie cutter politicians, Big Business, right wing groups, and anyone else out there with their own agenda, each one taking a cut for themselves and there so called "Causes"

          The republican symbol of the elephant has been cut out and behind it is the capped tooth smile of the politician who lies through his pearly whites as he looks you in the eye.

          The cut out donkey represents the Democratic Party. This party is known as being "bleeding Hearts" because they care about the poor, the indigent, and little man, though the republicans, conservatives, and big businesses say their brain is just in their ass.

          There is a cookie cutter cross to represent the Christian elite who force their beliefs upon government via ultra conservatism. Though church and state are supposed to be separate many of our laws are still governed by church doctrine, the only thing people really seem to fight is the petty little things like the words "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance.

          There is a flying saucer cut out to reference the government's denial of the existence of any alien life having ever visited our planet. Inside the cut out is their most famous excuse for what people really are seeing when they think they've seen a UFO, a weather balloon. Also there is a segment of DNA because some people believe some kind of alien life introduced the building block of all living things to our small blue planet millions of years ago.

          A gavel has been cut out to show how our rights are snipped away and the image behind the cut shows the scales of justice is not even, the side with the most money is always better off.

          The dollar has been cut out and there is nothing behind it because the till is empty, there is nothing backing our Federal Reserve notes.

          An oil can is cut out of the flag to represent big oil and fossil fuel companies that use lobbyists to buy off senators to keep the rich and us dependent on them. Behind the cut out spot is a blue sky with the sun referencing the renewable resources available, like solar power that can save us and the planet.

          The word HELP has been cut out to represent other countries asking or expecting aid from America whenever there is a disaster or trouble in their land. Behind the word help is there sentiment towards us sprawled in graffiti "Keep Out", "Mind Your Own Business", "Go Away USA", and "Leave Us Alone", even a middle finger spray painted in green as an F-U to America. They want our help, our aid, our money, but then in the next breath complain about how we stick our nose in everyone else's affairs and meddle in affairs we have no right to.

          A piece symbol has been cut out showing a rainbow colored tie dye that has faded and dulled over the generations but the dream is still alive, for peace and love.

          The bullet represents the NRA and their belief that every American should be armed. But behind the cutout we see the blood that has been spilled. In Chicago alone nearly 300 deaths in 2009 where blamed on shootings. Perhaps the NRA is right - it is a good way for population control. Even the Winchester widow knew what death her means of fortune bought for she feared the ghosts of the people who had died by Winchesters would come to get her. We also see the cookie cutter is making more holes in the name of the second amendment perhaps for the real reason our forefathers drew up the law, so we could protect ourselves. Of course, they could not foresee the future of a world full of semi and fully automatic weapons let alone anything beyond a muzzle loader.

          A cutout of a Person represents how over populated the world is and the stupidity of people in this day and age of having families of eight and more kids. TV shows like "Seventeen and Counting" and "John and Kate Plus 8" as well as the media sensationalizing a moron like 'the octomom' only make things worse by making people think they too can get there 15 minutes (and turn it into a million dollars) by having a dozen kids. Behind it is a condom as one suggestion for population control as well as a bent coat hanger as a less than favorable alternative.

"Red White And Bruised III"

            The American Flag is a symbol of our great country. A banner of 13 stripes alternating red and white with a blue square in the top left corner containing 50 stars representing each of the states in the union. The founding fathers had designed a government that had an equal central and local government, over the years the central government has become more powerful, for this reason the stars are absent from this flag. Dark spots remain where they once were, the blue unbleached from the sun.  

            The Star Spangled Banner is slightly faded (Though these colors do not run, they are prone to fading. Is it from apathy and indifference or do we just become jaded?) She has been torn in four pieces and sewn back together, still pink and raw from its fresh wounds. This is not the first repairs evident in one scar that is still pink and one that has faded over many years. several bruises are scattered about probably from the gavel, beaten by the lawyers and judges who bend and pervert the law as if they where gods of their court, and not the custodians of the constitution like they are supposed to be. the saw dripping with oil is representative of the big oil companies disregard for nature and our national parks in the pursuit of small reservoirs of the fossil fuel, a temporary fix to the fuel crisis. The cross stabbing into the blue area of the flag and spurting out blood is present to show that though church and state are supposed to be separate, a lot of our government is still run by religious zealots. Wall street and the capitalistic elite that this street sign represents rips its way through the flag. living the good life with wanting disregard for the little guy giving themselves exuberant bonuses and paychecks is nothing new, but losing billions of dollars and looking to the government for a bail out is new. Two holes have been cut out so that the government can watch the people for the good of the country and their own protection. They hide behind the flag and say it's to protect it that they rob us of our privacies and rights.

            Old Glory has been through a lot and she is tattered and torn at the corners - down in the right we see the tomb stones from Arlington honoring the men and woman who died to protect what she stands for. In the upper right corner a cloudy sky gives way to a sunny day emphasizing there are always better days ahead.

"Red, White, And Bruised II"

This is how the world sees us

This is how the world sees us

This is how the world sees us

Not as a savior but a threat



Camouflage makes up the backdrop of this piece, but instead of general issue war fatigues the colors are red, white, and blue to mask or hide behind the flag and what it stands for to go and start an unjust war.  Though Sadam was a tyrant and monster who needed to be exterminated like the bug he was, the reasons for our involvement was that of an aggressor, not the defender the president sold the world on. hidden in the patterns of the camouflage are an image of Iraq, a machine gun, an arm and leg (though this war cost many soldiers more than that) as well as numeral blood spatters in red and oil spills in white and blue. The upper right corner is torn and flapped open revealing one soldier’s scar another tear below shows a bullet wound. There are also holes from gun shots and one bigger hole burnt through, still in flames. Over the image of Iraq is a purple heart shot and bleeding for the thousands wounded, or does it represent the bleeding heart liberals who where against the war from the start? A can of oil can be found tipped over and spilling blood as some believe this war was over the fossil fuel resource and not the weapons of mass destruction that were never found.


This work is a homage to our brave troops who are fighting as well as those who have died because our president told them to and because to them obeying his requisite is the patriotic thing to do. I mean no disrespect to them.

"Red White And Bruised I"

This work is an eclectic landscape that I'd like to leave more to the viewers interpretation. I will just say that it was inspired by our nation's health care systems and its flaws.

"Dead White And Blue I"

This work is an eclectic landscape of images symbolizing a whole: Our worlds decline and disregard for life. We start with the background, “We The People” printed out on a quasi constitution that that has been burnt, torn (in the shape of a five pointed star) and slashed with a razor blade. It is bleeding, has the blood of the innocent spattered on it and has a dried bloody handprint symbolizing that this isn’t something new. Peering through some of the burnt holes are eyes of leaders and other authorities watching us and hiding behind the constitution to do so. The Fence symbolizes the American dream of family: The husband and wife, two point five children, a cat and dog in a house with a white picket fence. But the fence isn’t perfect, one slat represents a damaged family while another one was removed because it didn’t conform to what society says a “Family” is. In front of the fence is the blood that has been spilled by our leaders for the freedoms they say are being jeopardized. The basket with the shipping label is the hand basket that the world is going to hell in. But in the upper left corner behind the burnt constitution is the sun rising on a new day and the opportunities that the promise of a new day brings.


Robert C. Morin