Digital Art

Design and Illustration 


This page is some of the design work and illustrations I've done, with more appearing soon. The most of it right now has been for the Harmony Kingdom House of Peers club and their charity events. Most of the work is Digital art but some is mixed with pen and ink and more pen and ink illustrations will follow.


These are the covers for the four event books for Harmony Kingdoms 2011 House of Peers Convention in Chicago. The first row is the first idea, the second row is the one chosen. The graphics are drawn with my Wacom tablet using Adobe. The logo is a generic one I made up but not used on the finished booklets.  The boarder is not mine, it was a public domain one I found for free online.

Every HOP event I do a graphic design for a friend of mine for the well wisher ad section of the event booklet featuring her dog Bruno. To the right is this years [2011] and below are a couple of runner ups. 

Below are my own Well Wisher Ad for the 2011 HK HOP convention as well as a business ad.

This is a postcard I did for a collectors event in 2008 using my drawing tablet and photoshop.  I incorporated the event pieces into the postcard, I'm sure only a collector of Harmony Kingdom could appreciate it or notice it. One picture with text one without.

I had a friend who wanted a drawing of her dog incorporated with Mickey Mouse for an event that was going to be held in Orlando. The picture was to be used in a booklet for the event. These are some pictures I did for her.

The first one I thought was boring, black and white, the second one she said Mickey looked to "expired" that's what I was going for :-) so the third one, a joke, wasn't an improvement. The fourth one Mickey looks happier, but still... in Bruno's mouth he don't look like he's having fun so we decided on him riding on Bruno.

This is a postcard I did for a collectors event in 2006 using my drawing tablet and photoshop.



©Robert C. Morin