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I'm not sure if my work in this department is "technically" good or not, but these are some shots I've gotten that I liked...


These are some seagulls that where scavenging around Hampton Beach in September of 2009.

These are a few shots of a friends Min-Pin, Jezebel. She's a Diva for the camera.

These are a few shots of Snowflake, our English Budgie. He's a talker with quiet an extensive vocabulary. 

These are some shots of the Mockingbird that sat in the rhododendron outside the windows screaming at our cat Popeye.


Some shots of the sun setting over Seabrook and the little harbor between the Nuclear Power Station and the boulevard.

Some macro shots of a little lady bug beetle.

A couple of shots of a bumble Bee nosing around the Purple Azalea.

I moved the trees to their own web page and added shots of a Weeping White Birch to last years photos of a Japanese Maple, and a White Birch - One shot is realistic the other digitally altered for effect.

These are a couple of photos I took at my friends house, a couple of his bird houses.

This is a series of photos taken from Hampton up to Rye along the seacoast showing it getting pummeled by the storm surge during the afternoon of September 4th 2010 when hurricane Earl was a few miles off shore on his way up to Maine and Canada.

These are some photos I took while on a ride up and back down the New Hampshire Seacoast.

The night sky has always fascinated me and I've tried many times to take photos of Venus and Mars when they where at there brightest as well as detailed shots of the moon. This is the best moon shot I've been able to get so far.

This is the first time I was able to get to the beach this year. The first shot is of the  waves crashing on some rocks off shore with Massachusetts in the far background. The second is a shot of the Isle of Shoals (a group of islands ten miles out from New Hampshire's coast.) taken from North Hampton Beach.

I tried to get a good shot of this spider web full of gnats, but this was the best I could get.

The was partially cloudy but no rain yet still there was a rainbow in the sky.

These are some shots of some of the debris I picked up on the beach last year.

I purchased some new close up lenses and wanted to try them out, this is a close of my Budgies feather.

On December 11 and 12 of 2008 New Hampshire was hit by a bad Ice Storm, These are some photos from around our yard.

These are a few shots of a Rather Large Spider that had just finished building it's web late one September night in 2008.

North Hampton Beach - 2007: These are a few shots of some things that washed up on the beach at North Hampton.

Livingston Park: This a collection of some shots around Livingston Park in North Manchester.

New Hampshire's Seacoast - 2006: This a collection of some shots around Hampton and Rye, New Hampshire. I particularly liked the stop action photos of the water splashing against the rocks. 

Snow flakes: These are my first attempts at photographing snowflakes... not an easy task, they melt far to quickly. 

The Flowers:

Probably the last flower or flora shots for 2012, some Bittersweet fruit opened in late fall.

Some new shots of 2012 flowers including, close up shots of a Saucer Hibiscus, Flowering Almond, Lilacs (opened up more), Purple Azalea, and Vinca Vine Flower. Also added, Bird Cherry Tree Blossoms, Pink Dogwood, Purple Iris, and Blood Red Tulips. Added Bleeding Hearts and a Lilac just opening.

First of 2012 flower photos, an Orchid Blossom, Magnolia Blossoms, Crocus, Violet (including African Violet), Heather, Pussy Willows, Lilacs, Cherry Blossoms, Red Bud, Orchid Gone By, Wisteria, Japanese Quince, Pansies, & Daffodils

Some shots of 2011 Spring flowers: Red Bud, Bleeding Hearts. Flowering Almond, Rhododendron, Wisteria, Bittersweet, AzaleaPurple Smoke Tree Buds, and the flowers from the Japanese Pieris shrub.

These are some Macro shots I took of the late season blooms from the Wisteria.

Here are some more shots of the Hydrangea Blossoms and leaves using Macro Photography to get up real close.

These are some shots of this years early Summer flowers including a Clematis after the petals have gone, a Purple Smoke Tree that's flowers have gone to seed, a Red Lilac that has also gone to seed and several shots of some Hydrangeas.

2009 Purple Clematis, Wisteria Seedpods, Redbud Seedpods (aged), Variegated Rose, Redbud seed pods, Wisteria (stubby Variation), Clematis in full bloom, Red Lilac, Wild Rose, Lily of the Valley, Beautybush, Dwarf Lilac, Peony, White Rhododendron, Dandelion, Beauty of Moscow Lilac III, Beauty of Moscow Lilac II, Deep Purple Lilac, Beauty of Moscow Lilac I , Wisteria (Open), Double White Lilacs, Standard Variety Lilac blossoms, Wisteria blooming and Redbud flowers

Clematis: A couple shots of a blighted Clematis flower that has been bitten by winter frost, and then killed by it.

The Pussy Willows: These are some shots of Pussy Willow shrubs in bloom in early Spring.

The Sunflowers: This small collection of photos might not be that interesting, or photographically stimulating, but I found these three stages of the Sunflower interesting and the fully opened one rather postcardesque.

The Wisteria: These are some close up shots of a wisteria blossom, I particularly like the ones with the water droplets.

The Lady Slippers: An interesting flower that can be found in the damp woody areas of New England.

Red Bud Tree: Just some close up shots of the small buds of a Rose Bud tree. Next year I want to take some shots from further away.

Bleeding Hearts: The same photo at different croppings, showing the plant from a stem of blossoms to a close up of one flower.

Grape Vine in Spring: These are some shots of the grapevine just blossoming in spring.

The Lilacs: These are some shots of different varieties of Lilacs, so far they include a Deep Purple (the name escapes me), "The Common Purple", and "The Beauty of Moscow".

The Animal Portraits:

Lil' BlueRose Scottish Folds: These photos are of folded and straight ear kittens from Lil' BlueRose. Scottish Folds are an amazingly loving breed of cat and a joy to photograph. More photos can be seen at Be sure to check out the photo of the month archive page. 

Irish Star's Shorthair Exotics: Exotics are another wonderful breed of cat and a great subjects to photograph. This attractive breed of cat is sturdy with a thick coat, big round eyes and that "Persian" face. They are very personable and loving and hard to photograph only because they come right for the camera because they want you to pay attention to them. To see more shots I've gotten of them check out I've taken most of the shots on the page with the exception of the Photo's from new owners and a few of the other photos taken by the breeder.


These are a few shots of different buildings in the New Hampshire area and other interesting architectural facets.

These are some shots of different Mills and Factories in Manchester including Beacon Shoes, and (I believe) Brickstone Mill

This is the Steeple of St. Anthony's in Manchester over the roof of the School.

This is a shot of the steeple of the Chester Church at the cross roads of 102 and 121.

The first one is an Onion Lamp at night, I found the shape and lines interesting.

Other Stuff:

New shots for 2012 include Cross Roads and Backyard Fireworks

This page is made up of shots of different photos that don't fit in any of the categories above, including things like fireworks and a street light a dusk taken with a slow shutter speed.