Pen & Ink

Pen and Ink is my second favorite medium to work in. I do both the traditional methods, stippling and cross hatching and also ball point shading (which I prefer over pencil shading cause it doesn't fade or rub off.) and line art. Line art is cool because you can then shade with watercolor if you want to or just leave it for a modern look.


These are examples of traditional Stippling and Cross Hatching methods in Pen & Ink:









"Johnia's Lucy"

























"Candy Cane"




"Teresa's Grace"












"Minnie O"

















"Donna" "MJ"


"Madelyn & Hunter"



"Pam & Wiley"



"97 Royal Range"


Still Lifes


"Air Jordan"


"Old Shoes"

These are examples of line art:

And these are examples of ball point pen shading:

"Dillon & Wiley"




"At Work"



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