RCM Limited Editions

     The master sculptures are created by New Hampshire artist Robert C. Morin and then sent to England to be crafted into marble resin reproductions and returned to New Hampshire to be hand painted and finished by the artist before being hand numbered and signed. A certificate of authenticity will accompany each piece. 

     These pieces will be available for order via email: rcm@robertcmorin.com and payable by check, money order or Paypal. Shipping (within the United States)  will be USPS Priority at $5.50 insured. 



(Blue Eye)

(Copper Eye)

"Sitting Pretty"


Item No.: RCMSF1
Year of Creation: 2005
Introduced: 10/2006
Edition Size: 50
Issue Price: $45.00
Anyone familiar with the Scottish Fold breed of cat will recognize this famous pose of theirs referred to as the “Buddha” position.  This is my first sculpture in a collection of limited edition pieces that will feature Scottish Fold cats and kittens. of the 50 pieces, 20 will be blue eye, 20 copper eye, and 10 odd eye (one blue one copper) as these are the only three colors a white Scottish Fold can have.



(Odd Eye)


"Best Seat in The House"

Item No.: RCMSF2
Year of Creation: 2005
Edition Size:  
Issue Price: $
Kittens play hard and fast and when they are done, where they are is where they drop for their naps. This kitten has just finished destroying a plant and found the cool soil a perfect place to crash for a cat nap. The lid lifts off and inside there is a couple of gifts from the cat: a hairball and some chewed up leaves (one theory as to why they eat plants is to help get the hairballs up). This is the second piece in the series.