The Flowers / Nature:


"Yellow Magnolia"


"Autumn Wind I"


"Autumn I"



"Night Sky II - Town Hall Plaza"


"Night Sky I - Mount Uncanoonuc"


"Deadwood with Sunspots I"


"Deadwood at Twilight II"


"Deadwood at Twilight I"


"Petals in the Wind II


"Petals in the Wind I


"Tree and Sky III"


"Tree and Sky with Sunspots"


"Tree And Sky II"


"Tree And Sky I"



The Buildings:


The Portraits:

"Reagan & Aubrey"


The Animals:




"Bruno Ready for the Holidays"









The above  three cat pictures are a new technique for me, 

watercolor on tissue paper. I found it very interesting to 

work in and got incredible results.

The above images are a 'Work in Progress" for a logo. It is a mixed medium image with 

some computer manipulation. Starting out a pen and ink line art image that I scanned, 

printed, and added watercolor to the printout.  I had enough room to add one bird 

between the African Gray and the Love bird, than added the Hummingbird below. 

Wanting to add a Canary between the Love Bird and Macaw, I moved the Macaw 

over and printed it out again. After adding the Canary (and the Finch) I printed 

it out again and added color to the line art. To finish it off, I used the computer 

to paste the Hummingbird back in the new image.

The Still Lifes:


"Blue Balls"   (2012 Christmas Card)



The Abstracts:


"Autumn Abstraction I"



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