The Erotic, The Bazaar, & Downright Nasty

Okay, if you found this section it was either an accident or your nosey (like myself... I click on every link even ones that are hidden and I find only because the mouse changes over them.) The images on this page are considered to risqué or tasteless for any other section. They where created as jokes or on dares or some perverse image I found I needed to express. They are hidden away not because I'm ashamed of them, but don't want to offend people. That being said, if anyone stumbled here by mistake and are offended, I apologize you nosey bastard. 

Another odd one for this page, I mean it's not offensive or anything, or shouldn't be but it really didn't have anyplace else it fit in, I just found it interesting and wanted to share it. So, I was taking macro photos of an orchid and noticed that inside part of it looked like a face, not just any face but... well, kinda like the devil. Not sure what it says about me, most people find Jesus or Mary in oblique shapes and shadowed areas. Below is the original photo of the flower and below it is a close up of the area that has been slightly enhanced with shadows and highlights. You be the judge.

"Fire & Ice I"

You may be wondering why the images above are on this page... hidden away as if they are tasteless, profane, or offensive to someone else. The reason is rather lengthy and complicated but I'll sum it up. I'm an artist who was taught to sit and look at a still life and draw what I see. Exactly what I see. So when wanting an image to look like something real and not surreal I Google the subject and find a photograph to reference. In this case, I was looking for a fire hydrant. The one I found I thought was a photograph and I copied it rather well, too well. Come to find out it was a 3D rendering by another person (who ironically I happened to friend on Facebook because I was looking for fellow artist to converse with.) He went ballistic when he saw my posting of the picture and posted slanders comments on Facebook as well as several other artist sites I was on claiming I stole his image. He said I cut and pasted it into my own and called it mine. Why he thinks I would do that then post it where he could see it is beyond me. Though I didn't even realize it was his until he posted the remarks. At first I just took his and his friends venomous remarks about my character and my artistic ability to heart and closed up, shut down and went to that dark place feeling like I was a lousy artist because I do need reference material and can't just work from a mental image all the time. (Much like one of my favorite artist, Norman Rockwell who always had people act out the image he wanted then drew from that or photographed it to use.) Then I blew up. After all, all he did was used a program that had tools to create shapes put them together and then used pre-designed textures to add rust. Not very artistic in my book, it would be no different than if I took any CAD image for reference. But, I did learn my lesson: Either take the photo yourself or find public domain images for reference material. The reason there are two different versions above is because I was doing the image to make for a donation for an event a collectible company puts on every year or two and I changed the color of the hydrant to green because that is their signature color.

Word Plays

"Short and Curly"

Pubic hair in the shower

I saw you first on the skid proof flower

next day you clung with all your best

to an old and withered bar of Zest

Who did you not so long ago belong to?

in this locker room of dread

from who's body did you shed?

more important than any other quest to seek in

how did you end up now upon the ceiling?

"Dreaming of the Pink"

Starving for the green
Dreaming of the Pink
fading into black
Drowning in the blues

"God and Man"

This picture is on this page (instead of the Digital Art page) for two reasons, I don't want to offend people with too

many works depicting God as an alien life form and... well, it's also a kinda a copyright infringement using Michael Angelo's

famous painting, even though I changed it a bit. I say "Kinda" Because I believe I read someplace or heard that if the

material is being used for humor it is not an infringement.

"Self Portrait in Blood"

Ok, you where probably thinking... "Why is this picture on this page instead of the watercolor section?" well, the answer is 'cause the paint I used is a bit macabre... I made my own watercolor paint using watercolor medium and my own blood. Now, I could say I did it for a political statement or as a reference to the economic hard times (can't afford paint and all) but the truth is I was watching an episode of Bones where they thought the artist killed himself and encased himself into one of his own sculptures in essence making himself into the art. It made me think.

The Pink Place

"Psychedelic Dreamscape II - Mushroom Forest"

This piece is... umm, well, a mushroom field seen through the eyes of a person on acid. The shrooms are phallic and the clouds are female in representation. It is part of a series under my pseudonym "Blain Garrett" entitled "What Would Freud Think?" As anyone who took Psych 101 in High School knows, Freud thought everything resembled the male or female genitalia and breasts.